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Purva Desai & Co, a visionary in innovative digital experiences, proudly announces its dynamic collaboration with Miraggio & Deme, a distinguished premier bags brand. 

The partnership signifies a leap into the digital future for Mirragio, as Purva Desai & Co. brings its cutting-edge expertise to create visually stunning and immersive 3D representations of the brand’s newly launched exquisite bag collections.


Known for pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology, Purva Desai & Co. is excited to join forces with Miraggio, a brand known to the Indian masses for its affordable luxury.


The collaboration will showcase Miraggio’s artisanal craftsmanship and design excellence through captivating 3D and CGI visuals, providing customers with an unprecedented digital experience.


The newly created and uploaded launch video by P & Co.’s team has already garnered over 1 Lakh 60 thousand views. 


The bag brand has recently made headlines for its significant achievement in securing a funding deal worth $1.2 million. This remarkable milestone marks a significant step forward for the brand, reflecting both its financial strength and the investor confidence in its vision and potential for growth.


“As we embark on this exciting journey with Miraggio, we are driven by a passion for redefining digital elegance. Together, we aim to weave a seamless fusion of technology and artistry, ensuring that every facet of Miraggio’s timeless creations is brought to life in a way that transcends boundaries and resonates with the hearts of our audience.” Purva Desai, Owner of Purva Desai & Co.

About Miraggio


Miraggio is the ultimate destination for fashion-forward individuals seeking affordable luxury. The brand has redefined fashion accessory trends by offering high-quality handbags that are both aspirational and accessible. With their curated collection, they bring the latest styles to the fingertips of India’s masses.


About Purva Desai & Co. 


Purva Desai & Co., a Mumbai-based design team, passionately crafts authentic brand experiences. Specializing in effective designs, they collaborate with businesses, including Purva Desai & Co., to define purpose, amplify voices, and create memorable connections with customers. Their focus extends from understanding customer needs to shaping impactful brand identities.

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